• Image of The Wild Rumble Debut Album

- Format: Audio CD
- 11 Tracks
- Jewelcase
- 24 Page Booklet

1. Bad Weather
2. You Won´t listen
3. Something To Hide
4. Y.O.U.
5. Still On The Run
6. Anyways
7. Got No Time
8. Cured
9. Soul
10. Burn Me Down
11. Not The Same (hidden


The Wild Rumble made some big steps over the last 13 months just to finish their first Album: A crowdfunding with 10000 Euros, a 4 weeks stay at Ghost city recordings to produce 11 incredible songs and checking out their management, publishing and record label.

Influenced by musical rock icons such as „Queens of the Stone Age“ and „The Rolling Stones“ the young quartet developed its own unique sound, which in fact is barely hard to grip: it unites psychedelic Garage elements with experimental pop music somehow.

The price includes shipping in germany.